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Check out GotZoom, our newest member benefit

"Below is a 4 minute video detailing how our new member benefit, Gotzoom, may help you reduce your federal student loan burden by as much as 65% including perhaps getting your loan forgiven.  This benefit is also available for staff spouses, family members and friends.  You can share this with your school staff.  The link under the video allows you to request a "complimentary" look at what federal/state loan assistance and forgiveness they can find for you.  We trust this member benefit provides you and your staff with tremendous financial relief".  -  Dr. Tina Kerr

Dr. Mike Perry
Superintendent, Hot Springs, MT

GotZoom provided me the highest level of customer service.  They've been quick to give me the information I needed and answer all of my questions. I'm now currently enrolled by GotZoom in the proper repayment plan. I like that GotZoom will be the ones who annually work with me to submit the required DOE recertification paperwork. I highly recommend that you contact them to find out whether you can benefit from their services too."   Dr. Mike Perry- School District Superintendent-Montana  

Dr. Chris Gaines
Mehlville , MO

"As a school administrator, I’m seeing GotZoom really making a difference in people's lives.   In fact, one of our business people signed up saving over $500 per month."

Dr. Chris Gaines 
Superintendent, Mehlville Schools in St. Louis 

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