"Do you qualify for Research & Development?"

R&D tax credits is a government sponsored economic incentive for companies to conduct research in the USA.  The R&D tax credit may apply to any company that incurs expenses for performing qualified research activities on U.S. soil.  Essential Resources is an authorized broker for R&D services.  Our R&D specialist are trusted by hundreds of founders, companies, CPAs, and partners across the country due to their industry expertise and specialized focus. They evaluate the opportunity for each client, provide a personalized plan to maximize the R&D credit, and generate the necessary documentation to ensure monetization and IRS compliance.  They don't wish to replace your CPA, but rather provide a service that perhaps is not available to you currently.  R&D tax benefits is ALL they do.

If your business has been profitable, paid over $20,000 in federal and state income tax, and you are one of the industries listed below, we should talk.  Please give me your name, email, and number and I'll reach out to schedule a five minute phone call to describe the process.  We work on a contingency basis.  We only charge if we find you money.  I look forward to helping you.  Very commonly we see six digit refunds.


Aerospace                        Chemical                            Food Processors                  Package Design

Agriculture                      Commercial Bakery           Food Products                     Pharmaceuticals

Animal Hospitals             Construction                     Furniture Maker                Injection Molding

Apparel                            Dental Practices                HVAC                                   Realty Agencies

Architecture                    Distribution                       Insurance                              R and D Facility

Automotive                     Electricians                        Jewelry Design                     Staff Agencies

Biotech/Life Science       Electronics                         Job Shops                       Telecommunication

Breweries/Wineries        Energy                                Manufacturing                      Tool and Die

Civil Contractors             Fabricators                         Medical Devices                    Transportation

Coatings & Adhesives    Farming                              Oil and Gas                             Refineries

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