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Please enjoy this short video detailing how GotZoom can get you a “complimentary” view into your potential to secure loan reducing subsidies and/or loan forgiveness.  A GotZoom specialist will provide you with your loan's cost reduction analysis and go over all of your options.  You can see below what such analyses have recently revealed for others. May we suggest sooner than later because the Dept. of Education’s PSLF loan forgiveness program is under pressure in Washington to cease new enrollments.  That said, if you get in before changes take place you will not lose out. We wish you all the best.


"My name is Tammy Harper,  I teach students with disabilities at Lonoke School District in Lonoke, AR. I heard of GotZoom less than a month ago, and already they have saved me $161,000!  I had been paying on my student loans for years, but still owed so much.  My monthly payments were $470, over 30 years, and that monthly payment was steadily increasing so I contacted GotZoom.  They took my information, ran the numbers, and offered a plan that brought my monthly payment down to $72 for the next 10 years and after that my loan balance will be forgiven! Of course, I accepted."

Dr. Mike Perry
Superintendent, Hot Springs, MT

"As a student loan holder myself, I decided to give GotZoom a call to see what they could do for me.   
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to listen to a brief account of my GotZoom experience”.

Dr. Mike Perry- 
Superintendent, Hot Springs School District-Montana  

President  2019-2020- MASS -Montana Association of School Superintendents

Dr. Chris Gaines
Mehlville , MO

"As a school administrator, I’m seeing GotZoom really making a difference in people lives.   
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to listen to a brief account of my GotZoom sharing experience with my district staff”.

Dr. Chris Gaines 
Superintendent, Mehlville Schools in St. Louis 

Past President 2018-2019 AASA -The School Superintendents Association


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