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Below are some standard questions that you might want to have answered. There are also options on how you can proceed.
Thank you!

Q) What will I be asking my employees to take a look at should I decide to proceed?

A) We trust that you will use any and all means of effectively communicating with your staff.  That said, press the button below to see a suggested employee email (as an example) with a link to a 3 minute video explanation of GotZoom, how they can help, with an opportunity to get a "complimentary" look into what they can save.  You can also download this flyer and make copies, then place on  bulletin boards located in your staff lounges throughout your district.

Q) Do we only need to send out one communication to our employees?

A) Experience tells us that the most people outside of the “early adopters” or “early enrollers” will wait to get feedback from them and then decide to move forward. With that is mind, for maximum results there may be a handful of communications(emails, text, FB and Twitter posts, etc.) over the course of the first year, with a couple over the next few years. Believe it or not, it usually takes more than one contact to catch people's attention enough to effect action.

Q) What if one of my employees experiences a problem when working with GotZoom?

A) Although rare, that could happen occasionally. Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • Employee is concerned because of an apparent delay in GotZoom processing their free look into savings with the Dept. of Education. If this is the case, it’s almost always due to GotZoom waiting on some information (e.g., a tax return copy) from the employee, but employee misunderstood or forgot to provide.
  • GotZoom prides itself in staffing with advisors who are very considerate and helpful to their assigned applicants. If one of your employees ever experience otherwise, we want to know this immediately.
  • Please call Dan Reeser at (913) 745-4803 or send an email to

Regardless of your employee's concern, we will address it immediately.

Q) How do I proceed with rolling it out to my district emplyees?

A) Simply copy and paste the employee email into your employee email blast and you are good to go.

Q) What if I would like more information?

A) Please send an email to me, Breck Churchill with a couple of available times and I’ll schedule a conference call. I welcome your call. Thank you!