"Allow us to introduce you to Gotzoom, our newest member benefit."

Statistically 50% of your employee households have student loan debt.  The average debt per person is nearly $38,000 with burdensome monthly payments.

54% of Millennial’s would rather have student loan debt relief over a 401K.  They can't reach financial goals most take for granted.

SAM is very pleased to present this video as a means to educate you on how to help your staff achieve financial relief.  A couple of potential "Next Steps" are offered below the video as well to make it simple.

"My name is Tammy and I teach students with disabilities at a School District in Arkansas. I heard of GotZoom less than a month ago, and already they have saved me $161,000!  I had been paying on my student loans for years, but still owed so much.  My monthly payments were $470, over 30 years, and that monthly payment was steadily increasing so I contacted GotZoom.  They took my information, ran the numbers, and offered a plan that brought my monthly payment down to $72 for the next 10 years and after that my loan balance will be forgiven! Of course, I accepted."


Click pictures below for a brief account of their GotZoom experience

Dr. Chris Gaines Superintendent Mehlville , MO
Dr. Mike Perry Superintendent, Hot Springs, MT
Chuck Woodruff C.O.O.- AASA

Q) How do I proceed with rolling it out to my district staff?

A) Simply copy and paste the employee email into your employee email blast and you are good to go.

Q) How can I make a request for myself?

A) Simply click the request button, , fill out the form and upload when completed.  A GotZoom adviser will contact you.

Q) Are there other ways to share GotZoom's program?

A) Yes and thank you for asking.  Here are a few options

1. The first way is to download this flyer and make copies, then place on  bulletin boards located in your staff lounges throughout your district;

2. If you have an online staff benefits portal, feel free to include this link https://essources.com/sam-district-employees/  which will take your staff to watch our program's 3-minute video and request their free loan reduction analysis;

3. Any finally, if you are inclined to share with your network of Superintendents, that would be very much appreciated. Simply provide them your recommendation and direct them to the 9-minute introductory GotZoom video using this website link https://essources.com/sam-district-presentation/. Thank you!

Q) What if I would like more information?

A) You have two options. First, if you have questions, you can email me, Breck Churchill at  [email protected]   or if you wish to talk, simply send me a couple of available times and I’ll schedule a conference call. I welcome your call. Your second option is to consult our FAQ's page located at https://essources.com/sam-faqs/. Thank you!